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Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. These words (and the concepts behind them) are, for some, synonymous with financial freedom. With privacy. For others, these words (while perhaps due in part to misrepresentation) represent something dark and sinister. And yet, for others still, the words cryptocurrency and blockchain are as unknown as a thing can be. That’s where we come in. Driven by an infallible passion for educating, dispelling mystery, and creating an environment that breeds equal opportunity for all, we are proud to announce the launch of our platform and our company — HodlAssets.org.

Who We Are

HodlAssets.org (or simply HODL Assets) is a company founded with the intention of making blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs (more on that last one later) accessible to all. We endeavor to dispel the mystery and confusion around these wonderfully innovative technologies by providing a safe, user-friendly environment where people can come learn, create, partake in blockchain-fueled e-commerce and networking. Explore and enjoy the innovation of technology.

What We Do

We have created a platform where e-commerce can flourish. We have also created our own digital currency, known simply as HODL, which will be used as the basis for all transactions on the HODL Assets platform. On the said platform, artists of all kinds can create (mint) and sell virtual versions (NFTs) of their products via an array of blockchain technologies. Companies can create NFTs to revolutionize their branding and outreach. Beyond that, the HODL Assets platform will also come to host and nurture the next wave of online gaming. Our goal in creating the HODL Assets platform was to create a revolutionary space where people could (amongst other things) shop, sell, network, and otherwise expand their knowledge and familiarity with blockchain technologies — something we view as our core feat.

Why We Do It

We fundamentally believe that the blockchain technologies we have incorporated into our platform stand to benefit all who use them. We see how blockchain, cryptocurrency, and (though they have just entered the zeitgeist) NFTs are shaping the ways in which we all navigate e-commerce. How we navigate social networking. How we navigate creating and sharing ideas and future technologies. That belief motivated us to create a platform that would normalize blockchain technologies and make them more accessible and amenable to as many people as possible.

The Road Ahead

We are so excited to have officially launched HodlAssets.org. The road ahead is bright and filled with possibility. While we are just at the inception of our journey, we are happy to share some developments on the horizon.

Collectible HODL Zoo NFTs

We will be unveiling a collection of NFTs entitled “HODL Zoo.” The first person to collect all ten “HODL Zoo” NFTs will win an all-expense-paid Safari trip for two to South Africa.

HODL Limited Edition NFTs

We will be releasing an array of unique NFTs, some of which will only be available to our early investors and beta testers as a thank you.

One Million Pixels Page

We will be launching a unique page on the platform that will have “one million pixels.” People will be able to buy as many pixels as they like for promotional purposes.

Gaming API

This is one of our more advanced initiatives and one that we are particularly excited about. The HODL Assets platform will enable game developers to integrate their games with our unique ecosystem (think NFT creation and e-commerce). Focusing primarily on indie developers over large, established studios, we are currently in talks with over 45 thousand developers. The top 100 games will act as the first entries into the HODL gaming universe.

Precious Metals

HODL Assets will offer investment options for metals like gold, silver, and platinum. These offerings will be backed by a metal reserve.

Wrapped NFTs

Driven by innovation, we are excited to announce our planned implementation of “wrapped” NFTs. This functionality will allow new NFTs to be created “on top of” existing NFTs.


We aspire to create a blockchain-based e-commerce environment that will rival that of today’s most prominent digital retailers. While we have covered this in some of the sections above, it bears mentioning again here as our e-commerce space will continuously evolve and expand.

Mobile Application

We will launch a HODL Assets mobile app for IOS and Android that will bring the platform’s full functionality to your phone.

HODL Wallet Implementation

We will launch custodial and non-custodial wallets, thereby enabling users of our platform to seamlessly and securely monitor and manage their digital assets.

Social Network

Designed to grow organically out of our e-commerce space, the HODL social network will be a space where multiple NFT artists, sellers, and buyers can easily connect. This decentralized environment will act as a haven for product announcements, promotions, and community growth and development.

Real Estate

HODL Assets will introduce real estate tokenomics by the end of this year, both commercial and residential holds an amazing opportunity.

A New Day Begins

We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We are incredibly excited to be bringing HODL Assets to the world stage and are looking forward to the journey ahead. With so much of what we aim to do revolving around bringing people together, we encourage you to reach out to us via our array of social channels (Twitter, Instagram, and Discord) to ask questions or simply say hi — we want to hear from you! With that said, from all of us here at HodlAssets.org, thank you, and always remember — Hodl your HODL.




HODL is the very first NFT cross-blockchain marketplace for digital collectibles, NFT's, gaming, digital arts and digital assets

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Hodl Assets

HODL is the very first NFT cross-blockchain marketplace for digital collectibles, NFT's, gaming, digital arts and digital assets