HODL — Platform-Launch on July 1, 2021, pre-sale: sold out — battle for pre-sale tokens on fire on SDEX; Pre-sale tokens are the most precious ones you want to go for…

by: Rene

Hodl Assets
4 min readJun 11, 2021


Tokenomics of hodlassets.org and why the pre-sale tokens are the most precious ones you want to go for:

HODL (from hodlassets.org) is based on Stellar. There is a maximum supply of 10 million tokens. 2 million tokens pre-sale and 20% bonus for the HODLers of those tokens.

HODLassets.org will launch a cross blockchain NFT marketplace. They are describing it as follows:


HODL is the very first NFT aggregator platform and a marketplace for digital collectibles, NFT’s, gaming, digital arts and digital assets that runs on Digibyte, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and Stellar.


The pre-sale started on March 29, 2021. Tokens for sale at a price of XLM 0.274583. All have been sold close to a month before the launch of the platform, which is announced for July 1, 2021.

Once the pre-sale tokens were sold out, it was mooning to 57x at that time, the price currently at 20 XLM I assume that most of the buyers do not really know the tokenomics of the pre-sale tokens. Due to the fact, that a lot are selling them even before launch. So let me explain why you should HODL every one of it:

  1. On all the pre-sale tokens you hold you get a 20% bonus. (The bonus-tokens are not eligible for the next point…)
  2. Hodlassets.org will distribute 20% of their monthly profit to the pre-sale token hodlers in a last man standing blockchain-manner.

There are some rules to be eligible for a slot or more slots:

2 million tokens divided in 2'000 slots. To get a slot you need to have 1000 HODL in your wallet. Some examples:

a) 1'500 HODL = 1 Slot

b) 900 HODL = 0 Slot

c) 5'535 HODL = 5 Slots

d) 10’200 HODL = 10 Slots

At or before launch you need to register your wallet. Providing your public key to the HODLassets.org-Team. After a month of HODLing the team will check their numbers (platform-earnings — costs = profit, 20% of the profit will be split up and allocated to the slots in play.)

!!!! — -> Correction: REGISTERING WILL BE AT LAUNCH, this was a mistake mady by my own, as I am not a member/part of the Team. I am sorry about that. I don’t want to spread false and misleading informations!

Example for the Month July:

You hodled your 1000 tokens (one slot) in your wallet. You did not sell a token. The HODL-Team is doing their accounting presented as below:

Platform-earnings USD 1'050'000 — costs 50'000 = profit 1'000’0000 à 20% 200'000 USD ready to be allocated to the slots in play. We assume there are 2'000 HODLers with each 1 slot. Everyone will get 100 USD as HODL-reward.

Example for August 2021:

Platform-earnings 1'500'000 — costs 200'000 = profit 1'300'000 à 20% 260'000 USD ready to be allocated. HODL-Team checks the registered wallets…

They figured out:

500 HODLers sold all their tokens. (Consequence: no reward for them anymore, never ever.)

100 HODLers sold their tokens for 600 USD each and bought the tokens back at 10 USD before the end of the month. (Consequence: Sorry guys, you are out for ever)

400 HODLers sold only 20 Tokens. (Consequence: Sorry guys you are out as well, no way for a comeback.)

Do the math, only 1'000 Slots eligible to get rewarded. Remember 260'000 USD must be allocated to the remaining slots. Hodling reward for each slot 260 USD.

As long as the pre-sale tokens are in play, the HODLassets.org will pay out every month the 20% of their profits. Passive income for doing nothing or shall I say just HODLing.

If you want to become a part of it, go get the tokens on SDEX, a lot of people throwing their precious coins out of the window at the moment. Get your coins and treat them well. They are PRECIOUS!

Are you still suspicious? Is it too good to be true?

Come visit the fast-growing HODL-community, ask the founders all you want to know directly or ask the very friendly community on discord: https://discord.gg/TngBedHb

Thank you very much for spending your time on reading my article!



Hodl Assets

HODL is the very first NFT cross-blockchain marketplace for digital collectibles, NFT's, gaming, digital arts and digital assets